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Homes, houses whatever you call them, there everywhere. In fact, the earth is our home! However, not all of them are places you can enjoy, make memories in or just be yourself. Some places aren’t safe at all! So yeah, a house is never perfect and nothing else is ether.
Homes are very important. It is in fact, very important that your house is safe, secure and warm place where you feel loved. It’s not just a house, you could have an apartment, a trailer, a condominium etc. Every memory you had in your home are all important too. That is right ALL OF THEM!
I love my home and you should too. However, as I said not everyone has one that keeps them safe and warm. It’s like a dream for kid or anyone who doesn’t have a home to have a place to live in. So have a caring thought for those who are less fortunate and donate to Habitat for Humanity.