Grade 5



Home is a place where you can have fun and be safe with your family but some people don’t have homes or somewhere to sleep.

When I lived in the Philippines I was only five and a lot of people had to build their own homes but some people couldn’t build their own homes. They didn’t have homes because they didn’t have enough materials and money to build or buy their own homes and furniture.

My family used to live in a big house and I was happy but sometimes my brother teases me when my parents are gone or if my parents aren’t looking. I couldn’t tell my parents because he told me that if I tell I won’t be able to play on his computer anymore.

When I moved here in Canada almost everything was the same but our new house was smaller than our house in the Philippines, my brother still teases me and I had to make new friends in school.

Everyone has something to take care of like their homes, families, friends and even
their lives.