Grade 5



What keeps you warm in the winter and in the summer, it keeps you nice and cool and you love it very much? You guessed it, it’s a home. I will tell you about what a home is to me.
A home is bully free because it is a safe and secure place. Your household is filled with people that love and care for you. You will always be a part of the family no matter what. Best of all you can make the most remarkable memories that will last a lifetime.
You can have a bathtub, laundry machine, fresh clean water. All you need to be clean and healthy. All the different rooms mean something different. They are all important, like the kitchen to cook all the food and the dining room to eat all the delicious food your parents made for you. The family room to spend quality time with your family. Last but not least your bedroom where you can feel relaxed and comfortable on a nice clean comfy bed. When you come home from school, you can have privacy solve your problems and get support and it’s the place where I argue with my brother.
A home is where you can have fun, learn and grow. A home is where you can share your feelings, solve your problems and be free from bullies.
It’s a place where you can have birthday parties, sleep overs and invite people whenever you want (well almost whenever). You can have fun with your cousins and family members
The sad part is some people can’t afford homes and I wish they did. With Habitat for Humanity, you can help people so they can have homes. That’s what I love about Habitat for Humanity.