Grade 5



A home is a place where you can play with your buddies. It’s where you use your imagination to learn new things.
It’s where you can relax and take a break for a change. It’s where you can come home every day to a nice healthy meal and a roof over your head. A home is for a warm experience where you can eat food, sleep, play outside and watch TV. Homes can be all shapes and sizes it doesn’t matter but most of all home is where the heart is. It’s just about having a place to sleep without the rain ripping through the newspaper on top of the person with no job, no money and no house.
A home is where you can play outside all day with your neighbours. It’s where you have lemonade stands to raise money so you can buy your self a new toy to play outside with like a football.
You may be thinking what the difference is between a home and a house. A home is where your family is and a house is the location of it and the structure. Thank you for listening to what a home means to me.