Grade 6

New Brunswick


In this world there are 2 kinds of people. Those who know the difference between a house and a home and those who don’t. A house is just a building with walls windows and shelter. It is a place to sleep and eat, but I think a home is more important than a house. A home is a place where you feel loved and accepted and relaxed. You can be yourself at home because you aren’t judged. Even though there is fear and anger in a home there is forgiveness and honest. As soon as you walk into your home you feel safe and happy. In a home there are tons of memories and that’s why it is usually hard to move. It is a sad but true thought when you think about people that don’t have a house or a home I am very lucky that I have both. Even when I go on vacation I am always happy to go home because in the end, home is where the heart is.