Grade 5



What is a home? Well I’m here to tell you.
A home is not just walls, support beams and a roof. It’s a place of good feeling and memories, a place to have a good laugh, and a place to share how you feel and family meal.
It’s a place free from bullies and people that will hurt you. A good home is worth something money can’t buy. Oh wait, money can buy you a good home. Well that doesn’t matter because a good home is a place that you will remember forever.
I think of my home as the place I’d rather be than anywhere else, or as Dorothy would say it “There’s no place like home.” A home is a good place where you spend time with your parents. It’s a permanent place that makes a mark on you that last a lifetime.
In your house you could have the perfect stairs where on prom night your parents will take a picture of you or a basement where a lot of quality time as a family. A home is a place you can decorate to make it beautiful.
When I learned that not everyone has a home I was. shocked but then I learned about this organisation called Habitat for Humanity, the volunteers with Habitat for Humanity are helping those who do not have homes and become home owners. My frown turned upside down and I was super happy it was like the time I found out I was going to school.
I am glad I was lucky enough to be in a family that could buy a home, unlike other people who cannot afford or lost their homes. I hope they can finally get the house they want and need.