Grade 6



Home to me is a place where anyone can experience very much. Some can be happy or even sad. Many people have homes. They can always feel comfort and warmth from their families. They have food to fill them up, a roof over their heads to protect them from harmful weather, and a family to keep them happy.
It’s very nice to know that others have a home to live in, but others don’t. Others live under bridges, live in boxes and even nothing, only on the streets. They are sad, lonely and hungry. We are very fortunate to have food, a house to live in, and most importantly, a loving and caring family. This is why I’m writing this S.A. I want the homeless to feel the love and care from their families. Some homeless have families who love them, but it’s sad that they don’t have a warm bed to sleep in, or anything to eat. They are very unfortunate and I really want to help them.
Some of us don’t realize that we have a lot more than others do. We have everything, yet we don’t value what we have. We also have a great education. We have friends to entertain us, and a great teacher to teach us. Some houses now don’t have a dining room. I don’t like this idea because families won’t bond. A home is a place where you can interact with your family. I love my family, and I love my home. Everyone deserves a home, where they can be accepted.