Grade 5



house vs home

“Home is where the heart is.” I picked this quote because it makes sense to me. A home is like no other place. A house and a home are completely different.
A house is not a home because a house is just a place. A place where strangers can live. A place where you don’t have a bedroom or family. A house is just a location. A house needs a lot of living to become a home.
A home is a place where you have all your toys, games, furniture, friends family siblings to. If you move to a new house it may feel strange and uncomfortable but eventually it will turn into a home. You will have all your furniture and make new friends. Maybe you will have visitors from near and far cometo see you and make memories in your home.
A home is not just a big box with doors and windows. It’s a place where you live, where you feel free to do anything. You don’t have to wear shoes or socks just bear feet and play in your back yard. Over time you might get swing set, maybe a slide maybe a soccer net. In winter you can play in snow or play hockey and maybe get some more stuff for your back yard. You will have your own room to decorate however you like. Posters, pictures and things you like to make you feel comfortable. A home takes time to build.
“Home is where the heart is.” When your heart feels safe your hosue will become a home.

By Dominic