Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Meaning of Home
“Go away”! I shouted at my brother. He was standing right inside the door.
“Clean up your room.” He said.
“Why should I listen to you?”
“Because mom said to tell you!” He answered.
“Why should I believe that?”
He didn’t say anything.he just turned and left. Me and my brother fight sometimes,but I guess that’s what home is for, right?

Home is a word that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me home is a place you can be happy, sad, excited and mad. Somewhere you can feel comfortable. At home I can play with my sister and brother even though we fight sometimes. At home I can tell my family about my day and you can say anything to each other without being embarrassed.

“Supper!” My dad called from down stairs.
My brother, my sister and I came out of our rooms and went down stairs. We were having my sisters favorite supper. Chicken with rice. When we sat down at the kitchen table we started eating and asking each other about our day.When we were done eating mom said,
“Guess what your dad did today?”
“What?” I said.
He bought us plane tickets to go to the Dominican Republic!
We all screamed. My best friend’s family was going there too. I wondered if we were going the same time as them, so I asked. Mom and dad said yes. I was so excited I felt like I could cry.

At the kitchen table you can share good news and bad news we can have birthday cake there and sometimes even…
LASAGNA! I hate lasagna but I guess you can have good things and some bad things because that’s what the kitchen table is for. Well, in my mind at least.

At the kitchen table you can share good news and some bad news as long as you’re with your family. Because as long as you’re with your family, you are stronger than ever.

Home, family, the kitchen table, it is all the same. Full of love.