Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home <3

Wind shuffles through my hair as I race down the cracked sidewalk trying to get home on time (which rarely happens). I yank open the heavy glass door and stomp up the stairs to my apartment. I walk in to the delicious smell of a meal my mother cooked. Home at last.

Home is where I can be myself and have fun without being judged. I can Relax and come home after a long day at school to a delicious warm meal on the table. At the end of every long miserable school day there is always a warm and cozy bed to crawl into. We celebrate tons of traditions such as, Halloween, Christmas, and thanksgiving. Home is the best place to be.

Sadly, a lot of people actually lost their home due to complications with money or a mental illness. I don’t think anyone should live like that. Imagine, laying on the cold hard sidewalk waiting for kind strangers to give you enough money for a hotel or something that can protect you from rain or snow.

When I grow up and become rich I will work with homeless people and help them financially until they can get a job and have a place to live. I believe that no one should have to go without a home for themselves or their families. Without a home many people miss out on the wonderful things having a home comes with, such as the home cooked meals and warm beds. I am so thankful for these things.

In conclusion, my home offers more things then just a roof over my head. It offers hot food prepared by my mother and a nice warm, comfortable bed to sleep in at night. Many people don’t have these luxuries, that we consider basic needs, because of illnesses or addictions. When I grow up I will work with these people and help them get their own home. Home is where the heart is.