Grade 5

salt spring island
British Columbia



Home is a place where you feel happy, a place you can feel wanted and loved, a place you can feel cared for and be warm, I want everyone to have a home to be warm and happy. When I’m at home I love to read and play outside, I Love to watch shows and play Hide and seek, play Board Games with my family and play Lego. I love my house, on our property we have ducks chickens horses a goat and two cats. Our cats are both girls, one is 8 and the other one is 9.We have Muscovy ducks, they look really funny and make heavy breathing/choking sounds instead of quacks. And my Dad calls them like Howard and Harold or something from an old 80’s show or movie. And our goat is named Quin and he doesn’t always like to hang around people so whenever anyone goes in the horse pen (which is not very often) he likes to say “Feed me maple leaves!” (in goat of course) And when we run out of maple leaves he charges us out of the horse pen. And my Horses are named Jewel and Sun-dancer. Jewel is really skiddish and does not really like to hang around people, Sun-dancer on the other hand usually likes people and lets people come in the horse patic. I love my home, and I want everyone else to have a home.

The end