Grade 4



Home is a nest and a place where I live with my family, it is a relaxing place for me, it feels great and means a lot to me.
My home is very beautiful inside and outside, I feel happy all the time knowing that my home is safe for me and my family, I enjoy spending family time at home.
My home is a place where I sleep whenever I want, It is special to me because I can get cozy on my nice, warm and fluffy bed at night also. I get to watch movies with my family in my basement. I get to eat delicious dinner with my family in the dining room. For breakfast every Sunday and Friday we have cereal. Every Monday we have oatmeal. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I get to have bread with eggs, pancakes with eggs,or waffles with eggs. On Saturday We have yummy fries and chicken. A show we watch as a family almost every Sunday is called A.F.V (America’s Funniest Home Videos).
My home is my space and my special place,. It is awesome to have a white shiny Television in my room. My brother has a Television in his room too. Home to me is fun because I get to spend time with my awesome family. I feel happy and loved in my home.
My home is peaceful and always clean. I cherish and love my home. I am thankful to God and my parents for providing such a beautiful home for me.