Grade 5

salt spring island
British Columbia


A poem by Josic ROME
Home, a sweet place to rest.
As the moon goes down the sun is the best.
To wake in the morning, with the morning dew.
I run down the stairs to eat my morning stew.
I lie on the couch to read a book alone.
The one my mom gave, now my own.
The book is done, I wrap up.
To run out the door and jump way high up.
I walk in my garden, Oh…the joy!
A little slug on the ground, but is it a girl or a boy?
Opening the door, going back for lunch.
The lunch is tasty the bread has a crunch.
I am done eating, all full all good I go for a nap.
I close my eyes in my blanket and fall asleep in a snap.
To you home sweet home