Grade 6

Oakbank, MB


A home is funny. All the dirty finger prints on the wall remind you of the past. Snuggling on the couch in the living room, drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Spilling it all over the couch and having to get up and clean it all. Then you require a new cup of steaming hot chocolate that doesn’t taste as good as the first cup for some reason.
A home is creative. The fridge still accidentally left open half way, and a rather messy counter. The kitchen is where creations are made. Delicious smells rising from pots and pans that will soon have to be washed. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.
A home is happy. Toys left everywhere, dogs running around. A yard is a special place. Kids playing and building things, mud pies, plant cakes, and some worm noodles. Quite interesting things are made in a yard. A small fire pit burns slowly in the yard as the children roast marshmallows.