Grade 5



A home is very important to have because it is the place where you belong. You don’t have to have a house to have a home! A home is a place where you feel comfortable, safe and where you trust your surroundings. I find that having a home is very important because, if you don’t, you don’t have a place where you feel is right for you. For example, many people in the world DON’T have homes, and this is what I will be presenting to you next…

A ton of people, kids and adults, feel like they don’t belong somewhere; they don’t feel safe or protected anywhere! Some people roam around day and night trying to find a place to call their home. Homes are not just places you live in, they are places that you want to be a part of, people you want to be surrounded with! Just like my classmates, we all have more than one home; school is definitely one of them. Let’s talk about how school is, for me and my classmates, one of our homes. School is a place that we feel safe in and we all love the people we are associated with. Even though some people might not like it, everyone knows that they love who they are with and what environment they are in five days a week every week.

The ‘Habitat and Humanity Foundation’ is very important because they raise money for finding people homes. This is why I am so exited to write this essay; because even if I don’t win any amount of money for the foundation, by writing this, I am already donating $10! I find that this is a really great thing because these people are helping other people get homes without even thinking about themselves. They are doing all they could because they know, in the end, someone will get a home because of them.

I find tremendously that everyone around the world should be doing this because you are helping someone to really appreciate who they are with, where they are, and if they feel like this is where they belong.