Grade 6



To me home is where I feel safe. It is where I know I am loved. Whenever I am out and I am cold I just think how lucky I am to have what I do and how great it will be when I get home.

Home is where you and you’re the people on your block are a mini community. You know people. Home is where you feel safe. I know I feel safe when I’m at home. Home is part of what keeps me safe.

In my home I am never board. What makes a home and not a house is the feeling and love. There is where happiness, anger and love is in every home at one point. And people even say home rather than house in sentences. For example, people don’t say I’m at house they say I’m at home. And you don’t say I’m house sick you say I’m home sick.

Home has a heart. You should feel safe all the time. To me I always feel both of those things. To me that’s what home means to me and I hope to you to. Thank you for listening to my speech and have a good day.