Grade 4

British Columbia



My home is safe, but in some ways, dangerous. It’s dangerous because the floor is waaay too slippery. Anyway,my house is also pretty mysterious, with all the objects moving around.My home is also full of food.Most of the food is healthy,so there isn`t much snacks that I like to eat.Other than that, my home is big, cozy, comforting, welcoming, and relaxing.Oh yeah, AND I spend all my holidays with my family; my mom, dad, and my sister, flora. I like my house because from the stairs leading to the second floor to the last bedroom, it looks like a snail shell, just going around and around. The difference between your home and a house is HUGE. A house may be a good place to be, but a home is much more!Your home is a place you recognize, a place of peace, a place of memories.

That’s all folks!