Grade 6



What home means to me

Home is where we live. It’s a place we can always look to. Here are three things that home means to me:Safety ,Shelter ,and Comfort. This is what home means to me.

Safety is a big piece of home it’s vital to us. Keeps us safe from villains. No won can take you from your home. Home keeps you safe from everyday fears. Safety is a key part of home.

Shelter protects you from every day weather and bugs. Home keeps us safe from floods,and rain. It also protects us from lightning and thunder storms. It also shelters us from snow blizzards. Shelter keeps us from getting soaked and,cold.

To me home means comfort no matter what. Couches ,chairs and places to sit in comfort. My bed to sleep in and a room to hang out in. It has water to drink and a table to eat at. To me home means comfort.

What home means to me is safty,shelter, and comfort.No won can make me get rid of my home. Home is a place that makes us feel good about ourselves. No won can force a new home on us.