Grade 6

North Battleford


A home can be so many things to different people. But what does home means to me? Well it’s as simple as three things: Safety, comfort and family. A home is a safe place and comfortable place where I live. It’s a place where I can feel happy, angry, sad and all those other emotions. It’s a place where I spend time with my family.
A home to me is shelter, a safe place of your own. It’s a place where I live and where I have privacy. It’s mainly clean in my own little safe home. A home is a shelter that everyone in the world needs. I have one but, lots of people don’t have a safe home of their own.
A home is family. Family can include moms, dads and siblings. They can help you with your homework and lots of other stuff. Pets are also awesome to have because it’s another living thing that loves you. Family gatherings are the main part of a family. A family is the best thing about a home.
A home usually has a lot of comfort. Comfort is nice and all but people need more. Some people say that comfort is love and I think that is true. “Home sweet home” is a phrase meaning a home full of peace, comfort, safety, and love. I’m not the only one who wants home sweet home. There are lots of other people who wants a comfortable, safe and loving home.
“Home sweet home” is what I call a true home. A family that loves you, a shelter where you have peace, and safety and comfort. A house is way different than a home. At a house you don’t really want to be there all the time but, a home is a thousand times better than a house. People who don’t have a place to call home, and that makes me feel sad. No one should have to be without a home.