Grade 6




What does home mean to me?
A home is not a house, it’s where you feel happy and together with family. Home means shelter, having neighbours and gathering with others. This is what home means to me. Without these things I would not feel at home. Home is more than just a house it’s a much bigger thing and it’s almost impossible to explain.

My home is where there’s shelter. Shelter is a roof ; a nice big roof over my head. It also means warmth, so I’m warm on the outside and on the inside. On rainy or cold days, I can be away from all that bad weather. Shelter is essential to my definition of home.

Home also means neighbours. You don’t have to be at your house to experience neighbours; it can be on an airplane or even at school. It’s the people next to you! You can talk to them, even become friends. You can also invite them for a visit. You can always ask neighbours for help if you need. Neighbours are very important to my social life.

Home means having gatherings. It could be hanging out with friends, a special holiday that my family celebrates together, or just a visit from cousins. Family makes me happy and when I’m happy I’m at home. It also makes me feel special to have such an amazing family.

Home is very special to me. Without it, I would not be the person I am today. Home to me is having shelter, neighbours, and having gatherings , big and small ones. Home is happiness and family to me. Not everybody’s home is the same. Home always makes you have a different feeling inside and mine are all good and fussy ones.