Grade 6

New Brunswick


Home is a safe place to feel relaxed and happy. Home should not be a bad place to live and feel hate. Home should be a fun, loving place to live in. In your home, your parents should love you and take care of you. You should help your parents with chores. It will make you feel a lot better and if you’re lucky you might get a little smile out of it.

My family loves me and I love them too. They take care of me and I take care of them as well. In the winter, when there is no school, my mom will get me a nice warm blanket and we will snuggle up to the fireplace and try to get warm.

At Christmas we will get up and I will run to the tree to see if I got some gifts. When I look I will see a lot of gifts. I look back at my mom and I grab her gift and I hand it over to her. When she opens it, she smiles and she hugs me. A home is a place where I can continue to make memories with my family.