Grade 4

Drayton Valley


When I think of home I think of the place I learned to walk and crawl and to play games. When I came home for the first time i felt nervous but after a I settle in I felt so happy it became the most wonderful place to me. When I lay in my bed It bring back all my memories the and good one . but sadly some people don’t have a warm caring home that I wish there was something I can do if I could gust build them I would feil way happy inside if would be nice give them a home it be really awesome because I want them to have a big place to play and live in warm caring home to sleep and have family movie night and game night. I happy I live in a house happy I have a lot run and playing area. I love where live because I live on a farm I’m happy when I come home from school I come in and pud my backpack away I let my out and lick my face and then I let her out and I go with my sister to feed are animals including are horse not really fun but you feed the little critters it fun and my mom give warm cuddles it make me happy have my family and my warm house. Home also men to me is eating a yummy home cooked meal that my mom . all that readed was what home means to me hope like it by.