Grade 4

Drayton Valley


What I think of home is my family because I love hugs and kisses from my mom.
Home to me is baseball and hockey because those are my two favorite sports.Home is watching movies with my family. One time I got scared watching a movie and they are always there to make me not be scared any more.Home to me is playing baseball with my dad at our new house. Home is getting licked by my dog and giving extra long belly rubs to my dog.home is watching deer walk across our field.Home is playing fetch with my dog it doesn’t matter if he does not bring it back it just matter if you had fun.Home is riding my dirt bike across our field and back. Home is sitting on our deck and listening to coyotes howling. Home is standing at the bus stop and waiting there for awhile. Home is eating supper with my family.Home is playing with my brother with our toys.Home is walking through the bush with my water gun.Home is when my grandma comes over and we make crafts and forts in the basement.Home is planting the garden at my house.Home is hitting golf balls into our field.Home is playing ps3 in the basement.Home is waking up really early in the morning.Home is when my friends come over. Home is fixing the fence with my dad because the cows break it.Home is building forts out of sticks in the bush.Home is fixing my bike when i break it.Home is smashing rocks.Home is reading my favorite books before bed and holding my teddy bears.Home is a place that I bake cookies with my brother and my mom.