Grade 4

Drayton Valley


What I think about home the best among all of the others.
I’m really grateful for all the care I get such as food, water, love, and of course a home. What really matters to me is my mom and dad also the pets and siblings. I just love a great big bubble bath it’s so soothing. It doesn’t really matter about the toys or video games i’d just be grateful for you being able to afford having food and house bills also the nice caring people in your life. Let me explain all I just said. Don’t you just love a good meal I know I do but some people in the world can’t afford the food that we get.2nd thing is family I just love when I get to watch hockey with my dad because most of the time he’s at work and when they score we always will yell yaaaaahh! I like it when my mom always makes the best meals here are some of them, corned beef, clam chowder,and eggs and bacon. I play mini sticks with my brother that really makes my day way better than it already was! I chase my little sister around the house and she loves it. I love playing with my dog and he loves it too, I take him for walks and that helps his sore leg. 3rd is a bubble bath I mean who doesn’t like good bath, that great texture of the bubbles just floating around in the water.
4th thing is toys and video games you know how earlier I said It doesn’t really matter about them honestly I do play on an ipad and sometimes with cars. Some people don’t have home’s and all the stuff we get, imagine you were them.