Grade 4

Drayton Valley


What is home?
A home is a place where you can roam
A place where you feel so safe at home.

A game at home feels so enjoyable a place to play when ~ it’s so memorable.

Warm sunny day filling the room happy to say these
things stay soon.

It’s nice to care but some of these things don’t stay to share.

Home is supposed to touch in your heart from the end to start.

In this wonderful place you can laugh you can cry you can even be shy.

Confidence is key but so is my family with me.

I love to say that play is not rejectable so is my sister who is playable.

Playing to fun but is fun to run.

These hurtful things sometimes stay and sometimes go.

People all around live not in warm, loving places so if we help there will be a warm, loving places people all around the world for him and for her to over here and there.