Grade 6



Home is a place to keep your happy thoughts inside. Home is to feel loved even when nobody is there. Everyone deserves a home .

Hame is the yummy taste of love that is a feeling that you will never forget. The taste of love feels like happiness, and joy. The taste of love means you can feel the happy things inside.

Home is the leap of faith a feeling that you also never forget. The leap of faith feels like you can do anything. The leap of faith is knowing that someone is always there, even in the darkest paths.

Home is the armour of hope. That is also a feeling that you’ll never forget. The armour of hope feels like nothing can harm you. The armour of hope is the feeling that is that you are safe no matter what wall you have you to face.

Home gives you hope, love, and faith. Home is the taste of love, leap of faith, and the armour of hope. Everyone deserves to feel loved, hopeful, and faithful.