Grade 6



Home is a place where I feel free. Many say that home is their favourite place to be. I can’t forget that a home isn’t just about the place, it’s about the people in it. It makes me feel safe, happy and gives me a sense of love. There are lots of unique houses but there is only one home for me.

A home means that you’d have safety. It would be more comforting inside rather than outside. The outside world can be very dangerous when it’s lightning, snowing, raining, etc, a roof isn’t so simple, it protects me from the bad weather outside. The walls around me protects me from strangers or bad people trying to cause harm. Safety is one of my biggest concerns.

Happiness, like a home, is hard to live without. When you have a home, I have a bed. Sleeping is what everyone loves, and it helps me have a better day. So when I get home it’s like walking into joy. I walk in the door, then I smile, when I am happy my day is always better! When I am down and sad, my home always brings me up to feel joyful!

We all grow from love and most of our love stems comes from our home. Also there are many happy and joyful memories that are there, ones never to be forgotten. But, it’s also a place where family, friends, and neighbours can get together. Sitting at your beautiful kitchen table to relax, talk, and to enjoy your day is the best with the ones you love.

Home is a place of love and comfort that always welcomes you with open arms, gives you warmth, and happiness. It means a place of my own, a nest, a refuge, a place where we can live, relax, cook, have fun, share with friends, family, and neighbours. There is also more privacy. So when I think home I think of shelter, happiness, and love.