Grade 6

North Battleford



Have you ever felt a connection with a place you’ve visited? If you have that place might be a HOME. Home to me means safety, a place to stay and love. Is it possible to visit a place and act like it’s you home… are you sure? There is always boundaries and rules. This is what home means to me.

Safety is my first idea that makes me think about my home. Safety is important at home, because you need to feel safe in your home to sleep, eat, stay, etc. Privacy is also involved in safety because, if you want to feel safe, you have to have the right neighbours and live in the right neighbourhood. Another reason is that you need to have comfort. You need to have safety and comfort in order to feel safe.

Another reason what home means to me is a place to stay. A place to stay is super important for a home. A place is where you can knock on a neighbours door for shelter, a place to stay is where you can go to your house for food, warmth, water, and shelter when the weather is bad. A place to stay has electricity, heat, and water. A place to stay is where you can sleep, eat, play, cook, talk, relax, etc. These 3 reasons that explain a place to stay are very important.

Finally the best thing you can expect at home is L❤VE. I find that love is the absolute best thing at home. To find love at home you have to say I love you, and hug every single day, and kiss often. A home that has love should be where you are happy with what you have, and who you share a home with. At home you do EVERYTHING with love, cook, talk, sleep, bath, laugh, etc. Love is the most important…

Yes home can mean sooo much more other things, but to me, safety, a place to stay, and love are the best. So, after reading this can you really go to a friends place and act like it’s your home? The answer is NO!! Whether how comfortable you are, you can’t pig out on their food, walk around their house with muddy shoes, and take a 4 hour shower. You can only do that stuff at H❤ME.