Grade 5



Home is a place were I want
to be. It’s full of imagination, and memories to be stored. In my memory box, there’s full of of joyful, love, caring and my happiness recipe.

Sometimes my parents
like to tell me jokes, that are very funny. Sometimes they are not funny at all, But it’s all fine! My memory box is everlasting! It will never end! Home is were everything begins.

In this world, some
people don’t have homes, that it sometimes makes me cry. It’s just so sad that they don’t have homes, I just feel sorry for them, where will there joyfulness be? Where will there love and care be? In a bucket, in in the middle of nowhere? So for now on turn off those TV’s, and think about those people, and also what can you do to help. What will happen to them, talk about it with your family, home is not just a place, it’s a feeling, so this is what the poems about, there is nothing important, but a safe, secure, home, no matter what! I’m just trying and trying to stop crying, but it hurts let’s make this place a better place for everyone. Try your best to participate in helping the environment!

Home is a place where
I want to be, home is a place where I want to be, it’s never full, never ever full!

Please, please, oh, please
help those people who truly need help don’t just say it just takes a job, that’s not true! There is no place like home, if you think your favorite TV show is going to help, it will not! Other things may change, but we start and end with a family!