Grade 6

British Columbia



It’s a cozy kind of place
It’s where I learned how to tie my first shoe lace.
There’s been babies bawling, crawling and falling
Along with our dog giving us a playful mauling.
When I ride my bike across our neighbourhood
It gives me a taste of my old, old childhood.
And when I’m feeling sick and sad,
I think about how I have a home, and I feel glad.

But in our world a problem has occurred,
We certainly cannot ignore it.
Because recently it hit us, like a flaming comet.
This issue we call homelessness,
It’s the true harbinger of hopelessness.
So we absolutely have to fix this,
to get so many people back in business.

The business of feeling safe and sound,
Is something that most of us have found.
But we need to help those who have no place
Because everyone deserves a special space,
To laugh, make memories and be embraced.