Grade 6



Home, is where you have a hand to hold and have food to eat .But outside our apartment the same man sitting outside no home, no food, no family, no clothes. People walk by and don’t say hi. And every day he ask the same question can I please have some money for some food but nothing. Then, a exactly 10:00 it snows and he has to sit there in the cold but then i come outside and say hi and give him 3 blankets some mittens and a nice new winter jacket.but the next day a person stopped and say hi and gave him 100 dollars. Then after that a whole swarm people came and give him money. But then he say two little girls looking for money so he gave the money so he was left with nothing. And the next day it snowed all day and all the things that i gave him were all warned out . So he had to sit there in the cold but i say how cold he was so i said come and have dinner and a nice cup of hot chocolate and after we will give you some money and that was very nice of you to give your money to those girls. Thank you for the the dinner and money and now i can get some food for myself.