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New Brunswick


My home is filled with memories. My room is like my memories play house! My Pet dog is so amazing we taught our dog to sit, roll over, lie down, and play fetch. His name is Percy. I was at Grammies when mom, dad and Lorne went to get a dog. He was so cute. When Lorne got back to Grammies, Lorne and I spread our legs apart and let Percy dash to both of us. When we got home we decided to name him Percy. I was just like 3 years old so Percy popped in my head so I yelled it out.
Dirt biking I go zooming down the road 50 MPH. I was going really really REALLY fast I almost wrecked! One time I saw this guy with this really big bike if he wrecked he would almost guaranteed to brake a bone. He scared me so bad I almost wrecked it sent a shiver down my back. If I hit the right rock I would go flying throw the sky saying I believe I can fly.
Hockey in winter I sometimes play hockey in the beaver dam my family cannot swim there because of the dam.
I like my home because no one can get mad about our pet I like living in the woods and on a dirt road because not many people live on it so our skating spot is hidden and I can dirt bike a lot.