Grade 4

Upper Kent
New Brunswick


My home is important to me because I have pets and we play games together. It is a place where I feel happy. I like my home because then I have a place to live and sleep.
My favorite thing to do with my family is play a game called Mustache Smash. The activities we do is play Mario cart.
At my home we have pets. The pets we have are a kitten and rabbits. We have two rabbits and one kitten. The kittens name is Oreo and the rabbits name is Snowball and Blackie.
I like my home because we do fun things like going to Kingswood park and going to Fredericton and Moncton. Some of the activities my family does is play on the swings and my family plays hide and seek outside. Some of the other things we do is go on vacations and go places like going to Moncton and going to Fredericton.
I like my house because I will have a place to eat and sleep.