Grade 5



Here all your dream’s come true.
It doesn’t have to be brand-new.
Here is where you can relax and rest.
After a long day you think,” This is the best!”
Here is where you can let your tears go.
No one else has to know.
Here is a place that you adore.
You don’t need to be rich or poor.
Here is made of bricks and paint.
If it was made of sticks, you could faint!
Here is where life lasting memories are made.
They will never fade.
Here is where fresh smells are created.
Some of the smells are deeply hated.
Here is where you are safe and sound.
There is never fear around.
Here is where you aren’t alone
But it is yours to own.
Here is busy and alive.
It is busy when you arrive.
Every soul has the right to own one,
It should be very comfy and fun
It shall not go anywhere.