Grade 5

Salt spring island
British Columbia

Helping Make a Home

Helping To Make A Home
By Ryen Dunbar

One evening Amy and her mum were driving home from soccer. They saw a family eating dinner on a park bench. Amy asked, “Why is that family there.”
Her mums response was “ That’s probably where they live.” “Really! That’s sad” she said.”
“I know.”
That night Amy went to bed thinking what happened. When she woke up, she thought “I have to put a stop to this” and told her mum about her plan; together they thought of a way to raise money for the homeless. That morning they would stand outside of the grocery store with a sign that says “support the homeless. Write a story about what home means to you. One entry donates $10 to the homeless.” By the end of the day they had raised $250. They did this for two weeks, they had enough money for 1 house! The next day Amy’s mum heard a knock on their door. Her mum answered it.
“Hello.” she said.
“Hi said the man. “I am from the driftwood. I am here to put Jill and Amy in the paper.”
“How come?” He told her the reason
“Let me get my daughter.” she said.
“Come here.” Her mum asked Amy
“Who did you tell to get him here?”
“Well I told Stacey who probably told our principal who told him she pointed to the man. Later at dinner Amy pointed to the ,
“Let’s keep helping people. Not only does it help them it does good things back like we helped the homeless and we got interviewed in the paper. We should continue doing this because everyone needs a home, it’s dry , it’s warm ,got food in it, it’s full of love, you have place to rest your head after every day.” her mum agreed.

The End