Grade 5


Helen Z meaning of home

My home, your home, our home all has something unique. My home is filled with love everyday and it never goes away. We all get to live with our loved ones no matter what. Even if you don’t have a home. Love is something that followed you wherever you went, even if you passed away. All of us also has wonderful memories. There are lots of places you can roam and you can bring all those memories back to where you keep all your memories. In your home, all that memories and love will never go away. It will always remind you of how happy you were back then.
A home is always filled with warmth and care from your loved ones. Warmth can follow you anywhere. When you are cold, the warmth you got from your home will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Whenever you go, wherever you go, your warmth from home will stay with you everywhere. Care isn’t just from your loved ones, it is from everyone who cares about you, your friend, teacher, parents and your home. All of these people carry their own care from home and are not ever afraid to give some away. If you get hurt and feel down, your family will cheer you up and give love until you feel better. Home is a place filled with love, it’s where all injuries recover.
Nothing is better than to be happy. Our home keeps all the joy and laughter inside. Your home is the bright side, so when you go inside, you will always have a happy feeling. You might not have a bright side outside but you will always have a bright side at home. Even if you are poor and don’t have a home, all the shelter that you are having right now is your bright side. Your bright side leads you to happiness. You are loved and cared, and that can make you happy enough to grin for a short period of time. Everybody will be happy if you are happy.
Your home is where your feelings live. Either happy or sad, your emotions and feelings will always be with you and your home. If you are sad, your home will do whatever it takes to make you smile. You might have tons of feelings and your home will save that perfect feeling of you. Your feelings can make you be yourself. A home can also make you be yourself. Some of us might not know who we really are but in our heart we do. Are we canadians? Are we chinese? Are we indian? We are all proud canadians who are independent. Even if you try to be someone like Steven Jobs[ a person who made Apple] it’s best to be yourself. Your home has all things you need to be yourself: your loved ones, your liked ones but most of all you. Maybe one day you will be famous by being yourself, making things on your own. After all, your home is a place where you learn and grow.
Home is always a place where you can trust. You can be afraid of some things but when you are at home, all the confidence will tingle around your body. Everyone in your home is someone you can trust. Even if you don’t have a home. Trust is important to everyone because we need to trust Canadians that Canada will become a better country with lots of trusted people.
Everyone should be equal. No people are too poor, no people are too rich. Just good. We all see everyday people without homes and we all ask the same questions. Why them? They don’t have the same amount of love, feelings, happiness,warmth, care and friendship. They don’t have the life we had. You have something that they really need and just by giving a little, we could change their life! If you think of what you did, think of what we will do to help you if you are poor. We will all help, not just you. Our family, our friends, everyone!
You say you have 2 parents.We all say we have 2 parents but that is not true. The truth is that we have 3 parents. A mother, a father, and a home. Our home takes care of us as much as our real parents do. It supplies you with food, heals you from the injuries and makes you feel safe and happy no matter what. If it injuries itself, you know it is trying the best it can do to protect you from disasters. Your home gives you all the rest you need. Gives warm hugs in cold days, cool showers in hot seasons. Your home will keep all your needs at home until you need them. Your things kept at home will also be safe because your home wants you to be happy.
Our home has days filled with emotions. Laughter or tears. Who knows what your next emotion might be. Home is a place where all your emotions come out. Your home will know if you’re happy, sad or mad. You have an inspiring emotion everyday!

Open Mind
This is why home is inspiring to all of us!