Grade 5


Hearts Build a Home

Hearts Build A Home

“It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.” I agree with this quote because in homes you have memories, but in houses there are just walls and floors. Homes are the insides and houses just the shell.

Have you ever moved? I have. Two times. It feels really cool. Its really fun running around and imagining where everything could go. But then it gets really boring because there is no T.V. or any thing. It takes time to build a home. I love my home because when I come home from school I can just relax and eat some food. I still remember when my home was being built. I remember the cement basement filled with water during a rainstorm. I was always throwing stones at tadpoles that lived there. Once, I was looking around the house, the roof was leaking because it was raining outside so we had to go. Watching what would be my home being built from scratch made me feel attached to it.

On one of my first weeks of school, I got a first best friend. His name is Elijah. One day I said to him ‘I’ll show you where I live’. We were both on the same bus, so when I got to my stop I looked back to see if the bus was still there. I was going to point at my house for Elijah. I turned around and Elijah was right behind me! We found out that we lived right across from each other. We were so exited!
So we always played after school.

I even like where my home is. My home is much more special to me than any other house. If I lived in any other house, (except my friend’s house) I would die of boredom. Houses are just walls floors and roofs. My home has much more. My home even has a basket ball hoop, and basketball is my favorite sport!

I think a family who gets selected by Habitat for Humanity will really love their new house. They can make it a home by helping build it from the ground up. That’s the special part.

By Johnny