Grade 5


hayley w meaning of home

Ever since I was born,I had a home.I’ve always felt like I was
wanted and loved.When I was little,I lived in a normal house,
but my feelings of home were more important than the building itself.I feel like I’m treasured in my home.I’m not thrown out in the chaos of the world alone.I don’t have to act like I’m someone else.I can be myself. I can be carefree,not having to follow any school rules. My home isn’t just my family. It’s my pets,friends and extended family too. My home provides everything I need :privacy,comfort,craziness and fun. A home is a place for joy and sadness. Sadness is cared for in my home. Peace in my home is important because arguments are a stressful thing. It’s safe to cry in my home. I don’t feel bad about my sadness I can just let it out. My oasis is my home. A place to call for help and receive comfort. I have someone to trust in my home. A house without the things that make it a home would just be a building. Every person in the world deserves a home. They may look or feel different than mine but they are all a place of belonging. There is no better feeling than being at home with the people who love me. This is home to me.