Grade 6


Happy to have a home

Happy To Have a Home
Happy makes a home, the kitchen is popping with buttery popcorn waiting for that glorious taste. At the island a kid anxiously waits for that first pop. So we can all grab our bowls and we wait for the movie to start. We all go and sit on the crisp leather chairs and cozy up eating that delicious popcorn. Just as the movie ended mom came shut the amazing movie off. Mom announced time to go to bed and the son was crazed with anger. That mom had to drag him across the hard wood floor into his bed room. The little boy was amazingly tired after the fight. When the mom was UN making the padded bed the scorn boy was fast asleep. The humble mom picks up the puny boy was faking so he got out of his padded bed and snuck out the bedroom. All because of the ending of that weird/stupid movie then he head a bang. Just as the movie end ended the weak boy finished. Eventually mom came into the living room and the little boy was gone back into his worm padded bed. Then the little boy said this was the best day ever