Grade 6


Habitat for Humanity

Every morning I get to wake up in my warm bed feel loved by every thing in my house. I can be me and free be loved at my house . when I go to bed I don’t have to worry about waking up cold instead I wake up with my cat purring on my stomach . Some people don’t appreciate that they have a home but some people would do anything for a home but since they don’t have a home they call home the alleyway or the dump and under a bridge , home is where my heart is there families don’t have a home for their heart the next day I go to town and I see people
Begging for food and money when the sun goes down they go back to the dump and pull scraps over them not me my home is where i’m comfortable warm and not hungry .I love home some people don’t have a home that’s why i’m writing so someone can have a home so they don’t have to live in a dump or go to bed cold so they can wake up warm and happy .