Grade 5

Burlington ON

Habitat For Humanity what home feels like to me

What home feels like to me.

Home feels like family to me because you see family every day at dinner, in the morning, and at night. Brothers, sisters, moms, dads they are everywhere making sure you are alright. Also you can share a room with your siblings (if you have them) if you lay awake at night you can look at them and think how do they sleep and they can bug you with their snores While you bang your head on your pillow. sometimes you can look over them and they can open their eyes and you can scramble back in to your bed. Lastly you can see your family in public, at the mall, at the movies, and at school. BUT you should see and interact with your family at home because they are your family and they love you. Those are some reason that home feels like family to me. I wish everyone had a home and a family like me and my friends.