Grade 6


Habitat For Humanity (house) good copy

What is HOME To Me!
In this paper I will explain why homes create memories like flowers create pollen.

Memories are like pollen because we create them and flowers create pollen.
Home is where you can create memories and traditions like throwing parties and celebrating HOLIDAYS!It is a place to take cover and relax from a busy day.You can also warm up your house in the Winter and cool off your house in Summer.You have a kicthen to cook food and water to drink.You may also enjoy playing games and spending time with your FAMILY!

Why is HOME Special!
In this paragraph I will explain why HOME is special!
A flower and home are special because they are both unique in their own way!

Home is an special part of life.You create memories there, you sleep there every night and much more!Home is a special to me because of this fact.When I was little before my parents got divorced we lived in Markham for a few years in a townhouse. When I was introduced to the house when I could see,walk,hear and talk I immediately ran up the stairs and grabbed a laundry bin, then threw the clothes on the floor and sat at the top of the steps sitting in the bin.And I think you know what I did .All my parents heard was BOOM,BOOM,BOOM.I had thrown myself down the stairs!I had done that until I was too big too.That is why home is special to me because of that memory!

That’s what HOME is to me!