Grade 6


Habitat for Humanity ( HFH )

Habitat For Humanity ( HFH )

A home can be anything like a RV, trailer, apartment, forest, boat, log cabin, anything! A home is a place to spend time with your family or friends. A home provides shelter, safety, and security. A home is shelter not looks, not features, it is a shelter.

My Grandpa ( 4 greats ) was in Dallas, Texas and had a huge flame due to his oven being on for 2 hours and made it out alive with his wife and cat but his house was burnt to crisp and ashes. About 6 months later HFH built him a house that could fit his wife and himself. He was happy with it and successful.

This is all Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity is an organization to help people with destroyed homes or even without a home. They put in a lot of money just to build affordable home for many different people. HFH’s mission is to mobilize volunteers and community allies in building an affordable housing and making home ownership means to break the cycle of poverty.