Grade 5


Habitat for humanity

A home loves you and you love a home. It’s special to buy a home and hard to get a house because Without a home it is cold and nobody there for you, you have no food to eat and that’s why its harsh. If you don’t have a house or home that means life is pretty dangerous because you don’t know where you are or where your going to be.

A house is someone else’s home because it’s safe and comfortable. A house is very small for you and a home is huge for you. A house is something someone else wants but something you don’t want for now. Life in a home is good which means life in a house is also good. A home is four letters a house is five letters but the quality of a home is five and a house is four.

A home is a comfy place to live unlike a house. A home keeps you warm from a scary storm. A home and a house are the same except how you feel in it. There are a trillion houses and only one single big special home.

A house doesn’t stand out but a home always stands out. When you walk by a house you don’t know what’s inside, but when you walk by a home you will always know what’s inside because it is yours. Having a home is really nice to experience your life in!