Grade 5




H- Helping my family do important stuff. Sometimes we play with people like Riley, Elizabeth and sometimes Emma.

O- Other people and my cousins live far away from other people. Like me. One of my friends live in Ontario. My cousins live in Newfoundland and Labrador. My other cousins live in Vancouver.

M- Midnight and Mittens are the family cats. Midnight is my personal cat that I like to snuggle with. Mittens is my 2 brothers cat that they like to snuggle with to sometimes.

E- Every day I wonder about stuff like what day is it? Or can I sleep over at Riley’s house? Even is Midnight coming back yet? She has been gone for at least one day now.
H- O- M- E home is where special things happen. Home is where I belong. Home is where I share stuff with my family. Home is a place where a lot of things happen.
Thank you to my mom, Jaiden, Keegan, Midnight and Mittens for helping this happen.

Thank you!