Grade 6

New Brunswick


Antonia Ramsay Filipovic
November 4,2016


As I rip open the dark maroon door of my dad’s house ,with my heavy,bright orange and soft lavender coloured book bag ,I slide through the door ,kick off my sweaty sneakers and start doing my extremely boring homework or continue reading one of my page-turning , jaw dropping books that I have borrowed from the library at school.I want to just fall on my warm,fuzzy bed and let my teal throw blanket and hot pink and white duvet covers snuggle up to me like I’m a butterfly in a comfy cocoon .But my dad wants me to do something proactive which makes me shudder at the thought. I would much rather watch T.V or take a nap .

But despite the fact that my dad is strict , my dad will let me have free time or I’ll say,’’I’m working on something!’’ but really,I’m watching the latest series of dramatic , exciting content on my IPad that was given to me by my amazingly beautiful , kind mother. But don’t get me wrong, I love my dad and I still bond with him , but my mom is more layed back.
Every day when I take a little stroll to my amazing school from my nearby house , I am welcomed crisp fall morning air , knowing I am going to come home to a safe,loving and welcoming home.No matter if its my mom’s or dad’s house.I live in two homes, the first home I live in is with my amazingly kind mother, the second home is with my loving father.I am so grateful for everything I have – especially my family .

As I walk out of my noisy , average looking mustard yellow school bus, I come and open the white painted metal door with tiled glass windows of my mothers modern looking house , as I step in , dropping my arms ,letting my book bag drop to the floor making a horrid,’’ THUMP’’ sound. That makes my golden brown and dark brown cat speed upstairs. Then I step on the heel of each of my sneakers to slide my retched smelling feet out of my putrid smelling shoes. Yes my feet are sweaty . I have just enough energy to slump up the soft carpet stairs , dragging each leg behind the other , walk into my bedroom and dig my face into my navy blue , full body pillow and slide my exhausted body into my fuzzy light sea green and rich violet duvet covers . Wow its hard for me to imagine someone coming home and not even have a duvet cover at all for there bed. Boy, am I grateful to have this life , with love , care and everything I need and want. As I lay down , I dont intend to nap , I just want to lay there and relax for 10 minutes . Then I’ll do my homework – if its not already done . After ,IPad time! And i’ll also talk to mom about my day. To me home means to relax.

WOOHOO! Its Friday !!! I think to myself as I walk from my mom’s dark asphalt driveway to the small,plain concrete porch . Friday is a time to bond with my mom such as movie nights , board games , snuggle time , relaxing and T.V shows. Home means cuddling with my small , furry cat , maybe going to gramps and grandmas house , mom making me clean my room , reading books , goodnight kisses and the awful that all kids in their right mind dread… HOMEWORK TIME !!! I am so grateful that have not one , but two beautiful homes . I am so grateful for my parents , my beautiful, clean , warm clothes and the delicious , balanced , warm meals that I get everyday on spotless clean dishes . Sometimes , I take that stuff for granted because not everybody gets that . Down this writing piece made me realize how lucky I am to have all these things . I may absolutely HATE homework , but I am so grateful to have an education .

I am so happy to have written this as it will give 10 $ to people who are less fortunate . It really touches me to know that I am helping people in need . My meaning of home is to have a safe , happy , loving and caring home . I think everyone deserves that. Its really important to give back to your community and participate in programs like this . I think that this is a great organization that really makes kids look back and reflect on their lives , opportunities and privileges . Why doesn’t everyone help out !?