Grade 6

new marland
New Brunswick

Finaly, Home!

Finally, home!
UGH!!! Why do we have to go to school! At least I am on the cold seated, loud and noisy bus heading home. We finally get to my stop, I walk down the 3 stairs and start walking down the long cold side walk. As a chill heads up my spine, a shiver goes through my arms and legs, then my hands and feet. Home is where I can drop my heavy book bag on the hard wood floor, slowly drag my feet towards my light blue couch and feel my body sink into the memory foam. Don’t you just love it when you can drop everything and take a rest?
“Finally!” I say as I swing open the door, throw myself on the couch and feel my eye lids get heavy as I slowly close my eyes. I begin to hear stomps that get louder, louder and louder. Then I hear Shannon calmly say,
By the tone of her voice you could tell she got barley any sleep.
“The cats have been out for an hour and I need you to go find them.”
“Why is Swiper always getting out and he just drags Luckey into it!”
“Yes I know. Our cats are pretty annoying, we need to pay more attention now ok?”
I respond,
“Ok. How is Emma?”
“She’s taking a nap. She was up all night”
“Her tummy probably hurt”
“Yah, probably, now go find our cats! Be the hero!”
Shannon says with the only excitement I had heard in the conversation.
“OK!!” I get up off the couch and shuffle my feet down the stairs. Home for me is tiring, exhausting and crazy. But we all try to add excitement. I slip my feet into my shoes and swing open our squeaky door. I cup my hands around my mouth and simultaneously yell,
I begin walking around the house and see a rustling leaf in the hosta’s.
“LUCKEY!” I yell as I get down on one knee. I feel the water from the grass begin to soak into my pants. I grab Luckey and put her against my warm chest. She begins purring as I wrap the sides of my jacket around her. I feel her curl up into a ball as I take my thumb and pointer finger and rub in between her ears. I rush her inside.
“Shannon! I found Luckey and her ears are freezing!”
“Oh no, go out and find Swiper!” I sprint outside and begin calling
After half an hour I come back inside.
“I can’t find him.” I see tears forming in Shannon’s eyes as they begin to get shiny.
“No… Not now… Please not now.”
I run over to the couch and give Shannon a hug. I feel her long brown hair, that was well washed, rub against my arms. We hear a squeak come from our entry way. I hear a crack in Shannon’s back as she slowly gets up off the couch. I follow her. I hear Shannon say in a loud voice.
“YOU FOUND HIM!!!!” Shannon runs down the stairs and hugs Swiper and Daddy. I hear loud and screechy type yells coming from Emma’s room. I slowly open the door, pick up Emma as I see a smile forming on her face and go join the group hug!
“I’m done making supper.” Shannon says in a relived voice.
“Great! I’m hungry!” daddy replies. We all head upstairs and help set the table. Home for me is full of relief, happiness, excitement and smiles!
“Supper was delicious!” I say as I help Shannon put the dishes in the dish washer.
“Why thank you!” Shannon says with a smile.
“That was a great day.” I say as I climb into my warm bed. By the heat coming from my blanket, I can tell Shannon washed them not to long ago.
“Yes it was” Shannon replies. We say our good nights and I love yous, I close my eyes and think about what I’m doing tomorrow. I notice myself begin to drift off into another world where there is always happiness.