Grade 6

New Brunswick



“Mommy I’m home”. As I said walking inside. “Oh hi honey”. Mom replied surprised.I walked into my room and fell into my most comfortable bed,well at least to me it is.After a long day at school I need a little relaxing time right???

After relaxing and doing whatever it is time to eat. “ Abby time to eat” mom yelled. “ oh ok” I yelled back.Yum yum I said to myself. “ Chicken and fries my favourite”.I was done eating dinner and I went outside to play with my friends.We played football and we had so much fun.
It was eventually it was time for bed and I gave my mom a kiss and said “goodnight” and I normally just read till I get tired. “It’s morning honey come on get up now”. “ oh ok” so I get up get dressed and pack my lunch and head off to school.
“Hi Emma”. I yelled. “Hi”The teachers said it was time to go get ready,so we went to our lockers.Omg I was just thinking me and Emma should have a sleepover. “ Emma do you want to have a sleepover”??? “Ummm,sorry I’m going to jaydas to have a sleepover”. I felt really sad because it was her last day and I wanted to hang out with her. “Oh ok have fun I guess”.

I walked home by myself today feeling sad. I walked inside and my mom shouted “Hi Abby how was school today”!!!??? “ ummmmmm ok I guess”. I went to my room and took a nice nap. “Abby supper” “ oh ok coming” the meaning of home is very important to me because I get to just relax and I don’t need to worry about nothing. When I’m outside I worry just a little.But I know I’m safe at home.At home I feel like I’m safe,warm,relaxed,joyful sometimes silly,full of laughter, ready to go, tired,comfortable/cozy I worry less I feel more Excited and free when I’m at home.