Grade 6

New Brunswick

Finally I’m Home

Finally I’m home…
“Dingg” there goes the bell I rush right out of the school doors and jump right in the car. I was so excited to get home. Finally I say to my mom schools done and wow am I exhausted.

Home is where you are comfortable, and when you’ve had an exhausting day and when you get home there’s warm supper on the table. Home is also where you can be yourself and don’t get judged of what you look like or what you wear. Home is where your heart is.

Once we got home I sprint in the house and look at the table and inhale all the delicious goodness ready for me to eat when everyone got in the house we all sit at the dinner table and start devouring the delicious food in to our mouths. After I ate the goodness I look at my mom and stare at her and says ‘what are you looking at me for’ I say ‘mom how are you not done I devoured that supper like an elephant you are my favorite cook that’s for sure’. So finally my mom finish’s her supper and all went outside to play. We played on the trampoline, we played a little bit of soccer and football and it was so fun.

The sky was beautiful because the sun was going down and you know how much colors there usually is just picture that, it was so beautiful. We were probably out for a couple hours. But we went back inside to put my little brother to bed so my mom got his blanket and stuffed animal and she went in his room reading to him while sitting in a chair rocking him. At last she came out of the room and we got some snacks and ran downstairs we all jumped right on the comfy couch with soft blankets and pillows surrounding us.

When we were trying to get situated my sister was trying to figure out what movie were going to watch. After a while when we were all situated we finally picked a movie we were going to watch zootopia! The movie went on for about one hour and wow I was so tired that my eyes were almost forced shut and finally the movie is over, My mom walks me to bed I jump right in to my comfortable comforters my mom gives me kisses and hugs and I fall into a deep sleep.

Now enough about my story for right now and talk about how this story will help family’s all around the world. Because right now you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy. So first of all this story is actually helping lots of family’s right now, because there’s people all around the world looking for a home but they don’t have enough money and I’m not talking about people that don’t care and just sit around that’s not what this site is working for the site is working for people that don’t have a lot of money that work really hard but don’t get paid enough to afford homes. This story is helping the constructers in many different ways its helping them because were describing of what a home is to us and what they should look like but at an okay price.

So the next time you see someone on the streets please give them a smile or start a conversation if you don’t have change on you. So please take this advice and spread the word to family or friends and when you try to fall a sleep tonight just imagine of how cold lonley and scared you would be to be living on the streets.

And remember “Home not House”

Everyone’s the same were all human it doesn’t matter what you look like, what your personality is, or what you wear were all the same so treat people the way that you want to be treated.