Grade 6

New Brunswick

Finally Home

The day was long, I was watching the small hand on the clock go tick by, waiting for it to reach 3:00. The only thing I could think about was home, and how badly I wanted to go in my warm and cozy bed and relax. But my thoughts were drained when the bell rang. As soon as it rang I was up like a lightning bolt, outside the class room to get my book bag to be the first in line. She finally dismissed us at 3:10 and I rushed out the doors and home.
To me the meaning of home is the sensational feeling you get when you walk in the door from a freezing cold day and you feel nothing but warmth. Also when you have a bad day and go up to your room and just relax and when you go home, realize your home alone and celebrate. Last when you go home to the comfort of your family because your day didn’t go so well.
The reason why I feel safe in my home is because I have family members that I know will take care of me no matter what! And I love them and they love me just as much. Part of feeling safe for me in my home is knowing that I have so many great memories there. Like all of my birthdays that I share with my sisters and the rest of my family. But most of all it’s the people that live there that make me feel safe, especially when they’re there.
What I think is devastating is that some parents have high hopes for their future that they can’t achieve and they try and try to give their kids what they want but they can’t always. This is one of the many reasons why I am writing this essay because I want the people that try so hard to give their loved ones what they want (and for some people that’s a home). Everybody deserves a place to call “my home”!
You’ve heard about the meaning of my home but the meaning of other people’s homes is not the same as mine. Some people don’t even have a place to call home but that is the reason why a lot of grade 5 and grade 6 students in Canada are writing these essays. The reason why we do it is because we care for the people that don’t have a home to call their own. What do you think of your home?